Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Read a Subimal Misra story

Hey, look, there’s Gandhi!
A staff fashioned from seasoned bamboo in his hand, he gazed vacantly at the road in front of him, in the direction of the thickly grown line of krishnachura trees, and the people crowded all around, threw money at him, at his standing image, they threw clinking, easy money. The same shaven head (did Gandhiji have a shaven head – oh, I don’t know), draped in a thin, sheet-like something, the dhoti he wore not quite touching his knees. Only if you looked carefully could you discern that his staff was not so well seasoned, and had not been pared, while Gandhi’s staff had been of seasoned bamboo, finely-pared and polished with oil. Cut-Ball did not hold such a finely-pared bamboo in his hand. 

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