Monday, September 17, 2007

Indra Sinha

Writers are like scavengers. We collect dirt, grimness of life, misery, happiness, feelings of despair and elation, of hope and frustration of the real people. Facts are turned into readable fiction that ultimately make the reader ponder over the real issues raised from these facts.

So here comes a writer who thinks exactly the way a real writer should. Toff upbringing, years in advertising, a legend of a copywriter, then quitting it all for realistic fiction. And he is focussed on the underdog. I'm a bit surprised that his brilliant novel Animal's People - so long unnoticed - has been shortlisted in Man Booker award this year.

Yes, it's Indra Sinha. Read a first-person account of his obsessions and writing.

A Tale of Laughter and Wickedness

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