Saturday, December 27, 2008

Harold Pinter

What a shame that Harold Pinter's death news did not appear on the first page of the morning paper I read; it was tucked down in a single paragraph in the bottom of seventh page!(I'm changing my paper every year, and may perhaps end up without having one. Newspapers are really a shit these days).

Harold Pinter was such a rare personality: real writer, courageous, outspoken without fear of consequences, politically incorrect, with a genuine compassion and concern for the mankind.

Of his all works, I loved his
Nobel Lecture hugely.


SphericalBlogger said...

Its indeed sad that Harold Pinter's death did not find a fitting obituary. The Indian leading newspaper 'the hindu' had mentioned his death in its cover page. I am a huge fan of Mr.Pinter.

Silence ...being Pinteresque :)

The Sphere

Mrinal Bose said...

Thanks for your input, sphericalBlogger (what's your real name?). I'm an admirer of The Hindu, and though I've not read it for a while, I presume it has not changed the way other Indian dailies have changed in the wake of globalisation. One reason is perhaps its great editor N.Ram.

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