Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jose Saramago News

I'm equally excited and disappointed that Jose Saramago, the Nobel Laureate, has started a blog since Sept 17. Excited because I can't think of someone like Saramago's stature can embrace blogging as a medium, and that too at 85. Disappointed because he's writing in Portuguese, not in English.

Anyway, take a look at it
Saramago's blog

I tried to read it using Google's translation tool, but failed to figure out anything. I think it's related to George W. Bush.

Could anybody translate it for me?


Brad D. Green said...

No, I can't translate, but blogging and internet distribution is on the cusp of becoming validated, I think. It's certainly not there yet, as many internet writers continue to aspire to the printed page. I don't think that the desire to hold a book in one's hands will be overcome. That heft of thought and verb in your palms is deep in the blood, the bones. It's part of our nature as human beings. I can't see any electronic reader ever satisfying that want utterly.

I wish I read Portuguese too.

Mrinal Bose said...

Brad, I agree with you. Since the traditional publishing is in deep jeopardy at the moment, more and more readers would now gravitate to internet. And literature, and real writers(who don't write for the market) would benifit from it. The shift has already begun. Thanks for stopping by.

Jonathan Birch said...


I wish J.M. Coetzee would start a blog -- his last novel reads like a series of blog entries, except you have to pay for them.

Mrinal Bose said...

Jonathan, it would be really nice if Coetzee and other big-time authors start blogging. Blogosphere is big and ever expanding, but it's lacking in quality. Real writers can make a difference to it.

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