Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From a Jorge Louis Borges interview

Below are some quotes from a 1984 Borges interview I came across in le rubi. Here is a real writer talking without any pretension about his world of reading and writing.

"I’ve read very few novels in my life; for me the foremost novelist is Joseph Conrad."

"For me reading and writing are two equally pleasurable activities. When writers talk about the torture of writing, I don’t understand it."

"Since I have committed the indecency of turning eighty-five, I confirm without melancholy that my memory is full of verses and full of books. I can’t see past the year 1955—I lost my reader’s vision—but if I think about my past life, I think of course about friends, lovers also, but I think most of all about books. My memory is full of quotes in many languages."

"I hope to be totally forgotten. I believe that this is death."

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