Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Orhan Pamuk on his new novel "A Strangeness In My Mind"

A novel, for me, is an excuse to pin down, collect, and put together all the little things about daily life that I like writing about.
A novel is an excuse to, just like a museum, preserve the details, colors, tastes, social relationships, rituals, advertisements, smells, the chaotic richness and the sentiments that that richness lends us in the city. I’m not saying these are essential attributes and details of Istanbul. All the galaxy of details that my protagonist Melvut takes us through, perhaps will pass away. It makes me preserve and write about them. The novel has an unsympathetic side to daily life in Istanbul. I am this kind of person; this is the way I am. I am happy to preserve all these details and put them in one strong story.

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