Thursday, October 29, 2015

Subimal Misra's anti-stories in English translation

Good news for Subimal Misra fans and enthusiasts: the second volume of Subimal Misra's anti-stories translated by V. Ramaswamy is out at last. 

Misra is Bengal's anti-establishment and underground writer with a cult status.

The second volume titled Wild Animals Prohibited was released yesterday at Max Mueller Bhaban, Kolkata to an auditorium-packed audience amid great enthusiasm and cheers.
It turned out to be a solid event with speeches, readings, conversation, music and even a documentary film on the author. Misra, being extremely sick and bed-ridden, was absent (he would not attend it anyway even he was well), but he was being mentioned in real time and space all the while.

It was a good evening for V. Ramaswamy, the translator too. In his speech, he told the audience how he had been assiduously translating Misra's anti-stories one after another for last ten years. Being a Tamil, it was for him a challenging job to translate Misra's difficult text, dense with native tongue and complex writing style. 

But we know he's doing fine. He deserves thanks and gratitude from lit lovers across India and abroad. 

The Dhaka Tribune has an interview with V. Ramaswamy in today's edition.


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