Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Live Novel writing

Since last night I have been watching Joshua Cohen, the novelist, write a serial novel in real time.

 I like Cohen - you can call me a fan - for his candid and insightful writing. 

The left sidebar is kind of stat counter: how many readers watching, a clock ticking, and a call to participate in a survey( damn it).

The right sidebar is for a live chat presumably by the readers but as you note, most of those out there are trolls out to spoil the writing.

But the writing goes on ....words, then one full sentence, then another sentence, and finally a paragraph, short and eminently readable.

I can't imagine a writer can write under such circumstances ---- in full view of the internet with people distracting him every possible way.

Cohen can because he is different and  knows the nitty-gritty of fiction.

Not that he is writing great stuff or has a well thought-out premise, but it's okay given the circumstances.

For me, it's a unique experience, and I love it. 

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