Monday, May 26, 2008

Sobhaa De: Antithesis of a Real Writer

I remember I was amused when Sobha De added an extra 'a' to her first name some time ago, following advice from her astrologer. After all, she was a much-publicized writer of our times with suposedly modern sensibilities!

The extra 'a' seems to have worked fine for her. Every year she is climbing higher up on the totem pole of authorship. She has recently launched her glamorous book called Superstar India amid great fanfare. Given her connection and luck brought in by the extra 'a', she is going to have rave reviews for this book. It may end up being a bestesller even. All is possible in the current environment.

But I'm not going to either buy or read the book. If I can read into the hype or buzz that floats around it, the book must be all fluff and crap a la "India Shining" campaign of the erstwhile Bharatiya Janata Party Government.

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