Saturday, October 11, 2014

Was I right in my Nobel Prize prediction?

 It's my ill luck that I had no access to internet since Thursday when the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature was announced, and I just felt helpless and fretted failing to post my " Nobel Prize 2014 goes to ,," on Thursday.  I had the winner's name from my TV and was somewhat elated that I was kind of right in my prediction.

Patrick Modiano was largely unknown outside of France. Like a lot of you, I've not read any of his works, but from inputs as available from different sources, he seems a fairly serious writer, a recluse, and never considered anything in his life except writing. He seems to be my kind of writer, though his comparison to Marcel Proust is a bit off-putting for me. I'm no Proust fan and have always disliked Proust's vain, snobbish, obsessed-about-women mindset in spite of his fine sense of art, music and architecture.

Of course, I would take a shot at Modiano's works. May be I would like him. 

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