Thursday, July 24, 2014

Neel Mukherjee on Man Booker Prize 2014 longlist

I've not yet read Neel Mukherjee who is on longlist this year.  His novel The Lives of Others is about a Naxalite and covers the late sixties of West Bengal. As a Bengali living in Kolkata, who has had a taste of the turbulent period, I find it amazing that Naxalism, which once attracted the youths of Bengal en masse, can be the subject of a novel in these times by a writer who lives in London. More amazing is the fact that the novel dealing with such a subject has captured the attention of Booker judges. Whether it would win is, of course,  a different matter. 

The 2014 Man Booker Prize longlist  

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Neha Shayar said...

Rich use of language, good sketch of characters, and a nice backdrop combine to form this fiction. No wonder this was nominated for Man Booker Prize. However, the plot lacks pace, and as the title suggests, is a collection of accounts of the lives of different people. Overall, a good read

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