Saturday, December 22, 2012

The books they loved and lost as publishers in 2012

I'm no fan of "Best books of the year" lists. Every list seems random or compiled without much thought or consideration. May be some of them have their own agenda. So I don't really follow them. What interests me is the publishers' take on the books they published or lost or wished they'd published.  It also offers a fascinating glimpse into the minds of today's big publishing personnel and their attitude about literature and quality of books.

I didn't get exactly elated to learn that Jamie Byng of Canongate, wished he had published Fifty Shades, but Philip Gwyn Jones of Portobollo Books made my day by saying," To see great literature triumphant is always energising. It proves again that publishing can be surprising, and the masterpieces can still sell to the many."

So take heart, not everything is lost in traditional publishing.. There are still some editors out there who care about good books and literature.

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