Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Big Mysterious World of Roberto Bolano(3)

You get another new character in Part 3: Oscar Fate, a New York reporter who comes to Detroit to interview an ex-Black Panther, but finally shows up at Santa Teresa to cover a boxing match. Just around this time the city was convulsing with frequent and random killings of young women by a suspected serial killer. Fate gets interested and wants to write an article about it, but his editor in NewYork rejects the idea, and asks him to go back just covering the boxing assignment.

During his stay in the city, he comes in touch with a gang comprising a local reporter, a film buff and a woman called Rosa Mendez. He also meets a Mexico City reporter who is investigating the killings of women. Just after the boxing match Fate goes along with the gang who had with them a pretty woman called Rosa Almafitano, daughter of Oscar Almafitano whom we knew about in Part 1 and part 2.

Fate sniffs something foul, and suspects that Rosa is going to be killed. He salvages her, and later takes her along into US, following in her fater’s advice.

This part reads like a thriller, though with Bolano touch throughout. It however leaves me somewhat clueless about the core of theme. I have a feel that the story is derailed and loses its consistency. But of course I’m not so sure of it.

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