Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tejpal's second novel launch

Tarun J. Tejpal comes up with his second novel called The Story of My Assassins (HarperCollins). His first novel The Alchemy of Desire, published three years ago, also by the same publisher, was a big success, and sold more than 3 lakh copies woldwide so far. He is perhaps the most widely read modern Indian writer in English.

Tejpal is primarily a journalist and edits the famous weekly newsmagazine Tehelka. But he has a literary side, and though he devotes "almost 99 per cent" of his time to running Tehelka weekly, he managed to "put together this 500- page novel about the real India, real people and its million turmoils, by shutting his mind out in the few minutes he managed to steal from his hectic schedule."


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