Sunday, August 12, 2007

Net writer

When I think anybody can be a blogger and publish shit on the net, I get a little demoralised. But then net is, at the same time, an avenue - very affordable indeed - where a talented writer can get to build up his audience bit by bit(may be not that worthy in the current market scenario) by publishing his work. I have kind of vision that the digital will one day be at par with the print and be as valued and respected by the audience. Give it some time to evolve.

Here is an article

In the year 2017, I'm a god

from a paid blogger who thinks along my line.

The Net will be seen as a repository of current and historical primary-source texts, its authors ambitious thoughtful writers, belle-lettrists, feuilltonists, memoirists, epistolary writers, daybook-keepers, fiction writers, poets, literary travel writers, pensées writers, epigrammists, unpaid journalists, humorless shits, propagandists, hacks, ranters, pollyannas, pricks, and illiterates—the same rogues as in print.

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